bftBrainfuck to C transcompiler written in Ruby.7 weeks
c8dChip-8 disassembler written in Python.7 weeks
clearbitGo package to query Clearbit's API for company name, domain and logos.6 weeks
csvGo package to easily process CSV and Gzipped CSV files.4 weeks
devGo package to collect data.6 weeks
dgenPseudorandom dungeon generator written in Python.7 weeks
dotenvGo package that loads environment variables from .env files.6 weeks
dotfilesCollection of personal dotfiles.4 days
drollerSimple die roller for Android.7 weeks
ghGo package to collect data.7 days
gopasteGo service that mimicks pastebin, written in 2014.6 weeks
gravatarGo package to query Gravatar's API for user information.6 weeks
grokGo package to parse content such as email addresses and social links.4 weeks
hnGo package to query the Hacker News API.6 weeks
ic8Chip-8 emulator written in C.7 weeks
json-cleanerJSON pretty printer using Ruby and Sinatra.6 weeks
keybaseGo package to query Keybase's API for user information.6 weeks
korean-studyKorean learning Android application.7 weeks
lobstersWeb scraper that fetches all data from weeks
microvmSimple virtual machine implementation written in C.7 weeks
nefarious-linkedinBrowser plugin that unravels LinkedIn's hidden extension scanning code.7 weeks
neopongPong-like game written in C#.7 weeks
nesiNES utility to dump ROM info.7 weeks
pasteitRuby gem that uploads text to a paste service. Used in vim-pasteit.6 weeks
pmGo package to send emails with Postmark's API.5 weeks
psosecidPhantasy Star Online section ID calculator for Android.7 weeks
pyrollerGraphical die roller written in Python with Tkinter in 2011.6 weeks
solrGo package to work with Solr.4 days
t.rbSimple terminal based todo manager written in Ruby.7 weeks
tkjsoncleanerGraphical JSON pretty printer written in Python.7 weeks
tor-guardRuby gem to easily identify Tor exit node addresses.7 weeks
tzGo time zone package that is compatible with ActiveRecord time zones.5 weeks
vim-flayVim plugin wrapper for Flay, a tool to detect non-DRY Ruby code.7 weeks
vim-pasteitVim plugin to upload visually selected text to a paste service.6 weeks
vim-tVim wrapper around t.rb.7 weeks