BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
customizationsAdded x11 headers to readmeCorey Prophitt2 months
mastersync latest drw.{c,h} changes from dmenuHiltjo Posthuma5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-05-10sync latest drw.{c,h} changes from dmenuHEADmasterHiltjo Posthuma
2022-05-01Makefile: add manual path for OpenBSDHiltjo Posthuma
2022-04-26manage: Make sure c->isfixed is applied before floating checksChris Down
2022-04-26LICENSE: add Chris DownHiltjo Posthuma
2022-04-26Revert "manage: For isfloating/oldstate check/set, ensure trans client actual...Hiltjo Posthuma
2022-04-16Update monitor positions also on removalSanttu Lakkala
2022-04-16manage: propertynotify: Reduce cost of unused size hintsChris Down
2022-03-13manage: For isfloating/oldstate check/set, ensure trans client actually existsMiles Alan
2022-03-13fix mem leak in cleanup()NRK
2022-01-07bump version to 6.3Hiltjo Posthuma