AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-28Updated the readme and licenseHEADmasterCorey Prophitt
2022-04-11Removed webstore linksCorey Prophitt
2021-04-24Made a new buildCorey Prophitt
2020-11-08Updated readmeCorey Prophitt
2020-11-08Added firefox extensionCorey Prophitt
2020-11-08Fixed long manifestCorey Prophitt
2020-11-08Updated buildCorey Prophitt
2020-11-08Added screenshotCorey Prophitt
2020-11-08Updated the extensionCorey Prophitt
2020-11-07Updated extensionCorey Prophitt
2020-11-02Added .gitattributesCorey Prophitt
2019-10-15Updated the readmeCorey Prophitt
2019-10-15Created 2.2.0 buildCorey Prophitt
2019-10-15Try not to show dupes in the extension listCorey Prophitt
2019-10-15Nefarious Extensions -> Nefarious LICorey Prophitt
2019-10-11Updated the web store linkCorey Prophitt
2019-08-17Made a new buildCorey Prophitt
2019-08-17Fixed namingCorey Prophitt
2019-08-08Added build 2.0.3Corey Prophitt
2019-08-08Renamed the extensionCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Added a build for 2.0.2Corey Prophitt
2019-06-18Minor JS cleanupCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Bumped the manifest to 2.0.2Corey Prophitt
2019-06-18Fixed the error view stylesCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Added custom buttons instead of linksCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Refactored cssCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Added custom list stylingCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Simplified the browser-action view a bitCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Added 2.0.1 buildCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Minor manifest.json cleanupCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Updated the readmeCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Added a demo gifCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Updated the readmeCorey Prophitt
2019-06-18Updated manifest.jsonCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Cleaned up the readmeCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Added quick links to the readmeCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Added a licenseCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Fixed error viewCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Added save CSV functionalityCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Updated the action textCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Added nicer link styling and layoutCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Added a list of extensions from the JSON dataCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Added ability to save the JSON fileCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Remove loading animation on loadCorey Prophitt
2019-06-17Show a loader while getting local storage dataCorey Prophitt
2019-06-15Initial data flowCorey Prophitt
2019-06-15Initial commitCorey Prophitt