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masterRemoved git.prophitt.me from sitemapCorey Prophitt3 days
v2.0.0prophitt.me-2.0.0.tar.gz  prophitt.me-2.0.0.zip  Corey Prophitt8 weeks
v1.0.0prophitt.me-1.0.0.tar.gz  prophitt.me-1.0.0.zip  Corey Prophitt2 months
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3 daysRemoved git.prophitt.me from sitemapHEADmasterCorey Prophitt
4 daysAdded package commentsCorey Prophitt
4 daysUpdated linters and dev scriptsCorey Prophitt
2022-09-02Fixed a typoCorey Prophitt
2022-08-25Fixed a typo in the pre-commit scriptCorey Prophitt
2022-08-24Added additional redirect for an old slugCorey Prophitt
2022-07-29Adjusted max-width of all page contentCorey Prophitt
2022-07-29Fixed invalid sitemap lastmod timev2.0.0Corey Prophitt
2022-07-29Added index, post and whois pages and stylesCorey Prophitt
2022-07-26Added deploy task and githooks for developmentCorey Prophitt