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2020-11-30Update READMEHEADmasterAaron Marcher
2020-11-30Update LICENSEAaron Marcher
2020-11-30Add comment for FreeBSD to config.mkAaron Marcher
2020-11-30Use the sioctl_open(3) OpenBSD API to access volIngo Feinerer
2020-11-30Add a -1 option flagDaniel Moch
2020-11-30Handle SIGUSR1 for forced refreshesMart Lubbers
2020-11-30Fix temperature reporting on OpenBSDdsp
2020-11-30Full battery indicatorCem Keylan
2020-11-30Add separator moduleRyan Kes
2019-02-17Follow International System of Units spacing rulesIngo Feinerer