AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-20Updated make cleancustomizationsCorey Prophitt
2022-06-20Customized battery state indicatorsCorey Prophitt
2022-06-20Added custom statusCorey Prophitt
2022-06-20Added .gitignoreCorey Prophitt
2020-11-30Update READMEHEADmasterAaron Marcher
2020-11-30Update LICENSEAaron Marcher
2020-11-30Add comment for FreeBSD to config.mkAaron Marcher
2020-11-30Use the sioctl_open(3) OpenBSD API to access volIngo Feinerer
2020-11-30Add a -1 option flagDaniel Moch
2020-11-30Handle SIGUSR1 for forced refreshesMart Lubbers
2020-11-30Fix temperature reporting on OpenBSDdsp
2020-11-30Full battery indicatorCem Keylan
2020-11-30Add separator moduleRyan Kes
2019-02-17Follow International System of Units spacing rulesIngo Feinerer
2019-02-16Add OS-support notice to READMEAaron Marcher
2019-02-16Add ram and swap components on FreeBSDMichael Buch
2019-02-16cpu_perc: Check for division by zeroIngo Feinerer
2019-02-13Fix CPU frequency on OpenBSDIngo Feinerer
2019-02-13close file descriptors and fix return valuesMichael Buch
2019-02-13Add native OpenBSD support for mute/volumeIngo Feinerer
2019-02-13wifi component on FreeBSDMichael Buch
2019-02-07Add FreeBSD support for netspeeds, entropy and ip componentsMichael Buch
2019-02-05Update LICENSEAaron Marcher
2019-02-05Add support for cpu and uptime components on FreeBSDMichael Buch
2019-02-05Add FreeBSD support for temperature and battery componentsMichael Buch
2018-07-08ram: Consistency with line breaksAaron Marcher
2018-07-08Fix whitespaceAaron Marcher
2018-07-08Consistency with 80 char limit and breaksAaron Marcher
2018-07-07wifi_perc: Simplify on LinuxAaron Marcher
2018-07-07Simplify format specifiers for uintmax_tAaron Marcher
2018-07-07cpu_freq: Simplify with E-notationAaron Marcher
2018-07-07cpu_freq: Change to 64 bit integersAaron Marcher
2018-07-07Change uint64_t to uintmax_tAaron Marcher
2018-07-07battery: 64 bit ints on LinuxAaron Marcher
2018-07-07cpu: Use uint64_t on OpenBSDAaron Marcher
2018-07-06battery: Remove unnecessary defines for pathsAaron Marcher
2018-07-06uptime: Improve typing and sort headersAaron Marcher
2018-07-06temperature: Improve typesAaron Marcher
2018-07-06ram: Check for theoretical division by zeroAaron Marcher
2018-07-06ram: Use POSIX typesAaron Marcher
2018-07-06entropy: Use POSIX types for format specifiersAaron Marcher
2018-07-06entropy: Improve typesAaron Marcher
2018-07-06Consistent paramter naming for componentsAaron Marcher
2018-07-06slstatus.h: Fix coding styleAaron Marcher
2018-07-06fmt_human: Improve typesAaron Marcher
2018-06-04Add Ian Remmler to LICENSEAaron Marcher
2018-06-04Add flexible formatting to keyboard_indicators.Ian Remmler
2018-06-01uptime: unification of the uptime function for linux/openbsdTobias Tschinkowitz
2018-05-31wifi: fixed disconnected wifi status on openbsdTobias Tschinkowitz
2018-05-30Clean up header includesAaron Marcher